Thursday, March 23, 2017

The ATT Optical Fiber Home Invasion Project

Optical fiber arrived in my closet today, uninvited! If only it had been by magic, but no. The five truck fulls of polo-shirted,sub-contractors descended on us at 9:00 am or so and were in and out of the living room, bedroom closet, and attic till noon. 

I hope they had more fun at this than I did. 

Somehow I don't think so. 
Before my camera wisely
experienced an error and 
shut down, discomfort was
was becoming pretty evenly

                                               Not being an ATT customer for the last eight years or so, I really had no interest in dragging ten years of accumulated stuff out of my closet so I could receive a service I didn't ask for.                                                                   

This pile and another one like it in my hallway 
are still taunting me! Too dusty to put back in the closet too bulky to not to deal with. 

The attic penetration was neatly done. The wire shield isn't quite as tacky as the disused old phone line they pulled out to reuse the hole closet wall and existing box behind the couch.

 The arrival of the fiber here has not been a 1000 mps blessing, but instead half a day of cleaning, sorting, and repacking. Our lawns remain wrecked, and our privacy violated, and for what? Several flavors of high speed internet are already available here. I'm not sure just how fast they're talking, but I've seen nothing to indicate that it's any more affordable than what we've got. Thanks allot, eh?